Nitro Beverages

Cascade on Tap is a specialty beverage company based in Jackson, MS, and focused on creating quality nitrogenated beverages. We specialize in Nitro Coffee, our flagship product, but also brew all kinds of specialty drinks including lattes, teas, sodas, and kombucha.


Nitro Coffee is something new on the horizon of the coffee world. The process is simple and complicated at the same time. We start by expertly cold brewing coffee using an innovative brewing process. From there, the coffee goes into a keg, where it is pressurized with nitrogen and then served on tap system! The final product is a glass of coffee with a creamy texture and bold flavor unlike anything you've ever experienced before. We use this same process on all the drinks we make to keep every drink unique, creamy and fresh!


Community through Nitro

We value connection—helping individuals and businesses thrive in their local communities through relationships and the promotion of entrepreneurship. Cascade provides innovative and time-saving specialty beverages to retailers and wholesalers.


Want to try it yourself?

We have clients in three states and we're regularly adding more! Want to try some nitro? Check out our clients to see if there's one near you!